The PDC Summer Series was based in Milton Keynes, a few months back. It was a success for the PDC and the players. Many under-dogs were contending for the daily titles.

The tournament ran from Wednesday right through until Sunday. Five players championships were played behind closed doors consecutively with the players residing in the conjoined hotel next door to the arena.

Players competed for the regular prize money which would contribute to the Pro Tour order of merit and the main order of merit which takes into account earnings from pro tour events and major tournaments too.

The other day, the PDC has announced that as a result of the success of the Summer Series, it will be doing it again with an Autumn Series.

It will run from the 12th of September up until the 16th of September. The event will be hosted in Germany.

Previously, in the Summer Series event, the players had to live in a ‘bubble’ environment. This meant that they had to get tested on entry the day before, quarantine in their rooms until results came back, and then they weren’t allowed out of the hotel or arena until they had finished playing on the final day.

This doesn’t seem to be the case with this event, according to World number 60, Matthew Edgar. On one of his recent YouTube videos, he explained to the Edgar Nation that players could stay at whichever hotel they wanted. The reason was because the arena where they were playing didn’t have a hotel attached so the bubble wouldn’t work.

There, undoubtedly, will be social distancing measures in place alongside other measures to prevent the transmission of the virus because if an outbreak within the players was to occur, the event wouldn’t be able to continue. However, I am sure that the PDC will get this right.

Chairman of the Professional Darts Corporation, Barry Hearn had this to say when announcing the Autumn Series.

“The Summer Series was popular with players and fans alike, so I’m delighted that we’re putting on another block of Players Championship events.

“The tournaments will give all our Tour Card Holders another opportunity to win prize money and qualify for televised events during the unprecedented times we are living in.

“For our fans, the Autumn Series means live darts will return to our screens soon after the block of seven Unibet Premier League nights concludes on August 31.

“It was also important for us to arrange tournaments outside of the UK in view of our large number of European Tour Card Holders; so we’re delighted to be hosting the Autumn Series in Germany.

He also revealed that a Winter Series was also in the works too. Hearn said that it would probably take place in the United Kingdom.

So after the 7 nights of Premier League action, we will see the Autumn Series – five consecutive days of darting action. There is plenty going on and we can assure you that we will have the best coverage of all events here at The Sports Zone.