This season has been bizarre in many different respects – the COVID-19 shutdown, the amount of penalties that Manchester United have been given and some of the absurd decisions given by VAR. We have compiled the best, most shocking statistics of the 2019/2020 football season.

1. Most days spent in top 4

The top couple of clubs are as you would expect it. Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea and Manchester United all managed to finish in the top 4. Despite Leicester being in the top 4 longer than Chelsea and Manchester United, they still managed to drop out of it on the final few match days. Of course, this data is skewed due to the three months that no football but nevertheless, data is data

2. Minutes per goals conceded

From the data kindly provided by Sky Sports, we can see that Laporte has the best value by a country mile. He is almost 100 minutes better off than Wolves’ Boly. Laporte goes nearly 2.5 full games without conceding any goals. This is a massive achievement. The centre-back pairing of Egan and O’Connell of Sheffield United make this list too with similar values.

3. Amount of goals scored by teenagers

From the 2018/2019 Premier League season, we saw a 15-goal increase for the amount of goals collectively scored by teenagers. This season saw 25 goals scored by teenagers. Scorers include Matty Longstaff of Newcastle and Mason Greenwood of Manchester United. These 25 goals were scored by 12 different individuals. It is more than the previous two Premier League seasons combined (19).

4. Most days spent in Bottom 3

As mentioned before for the most days spent in the top 4, the data is skewed due to the COVID-19 shutdown. Some teams are surprisingly on this list such as Chelsea who managed to finish 4th. Norwich spent almost all of the season in the bottom three and were eventually relegated at the end of the season. Aston Villa managed to escape the relegation zone in the end despite spending the 3rd most time in it.

5. Most ‘non-penalty’ goals

Danny Ings was the highest scorer of ‘non-penalty’ goals on 21 goals for Southampton. He beat Aubameyang and Sterling to this achievement by one goal. Honourable mentions also go to Vardy, Mane and Martial who scored 19, 18 and 17 ‘non-penalty’ goals respectively.