Socialing The Distance

with Larry Eder

Featuring Tom Bedford,

Race Director of the Richmond RUNFEST

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Tom Bedford and I spoke a couple weeks ago on the Richmond RUNFEST and many topics, including the upcoming British Olympic Marathon

Trials and British Marathon Championships in 2021. Tom has been a good friend for almost 2 decades. Tom has a well developed sense of humor, and has developed

a skill set to manage events and build successful events. Tom and his wife, Jade, built the Richmond RUNFEST from scratch.

We thank Tom Bedford on his time and Mike Deering on producing #socialingthedistance.

Jump to each topic with the Time Stamps below:

0:00 – Introduction

0:43 – Creating the Richmond RUNFEST

4:02 – Kew Gardens (As a Race Venue)

5:51 – Bringing in the athletes (like Chris Thompson)

7:32 – David Bedford and “The Greatest Marathon in the World”

8:16 – What makes the London Marathon so special?

12:53 – World Marathon Majors

13:30 – The beginning of the Pandemic

14:06 – How has the Pandemic effected running in the UK?

18:36 – Thoughts on Virtual Racing

20:43 – PB in Marathon/Bet with David Bedford

23:07 – British Olympic Trials Marathon Announcement

30:06 – On The Blocks

31:37 – Describing London 2012

34:02 – Epilogue

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