Welcome back to The Sports Zone. Today we will be debating whether swimming pools should be open during COVID-19 – the ongoing, devastating pandemic which is taking the world by storm. As we are based in the United Kingdom, we will be basing this on our location. Figures and facts will all be pulled from the official Government website (gov.uk) and independent studies.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought many problems and issues which we have had to adapt to, over come and deal with. This has made times extremely difficult and millions of lives have been lost. Governments have been trying their hardest to prevent and reduce the transmission of the virus to stop even more life loss.

In the beginning of the whole outbreak, everyone was in complete lockdown. Every where including pubs, restaurants, non-essential shops, gyms and more were closed and everyone was made to stop contact with others and stay at home. You were allowed to go out once per day for some exercise. That was it.

Since the spread of the disease has reduced and life seemed to be able to return back to some sort of normality, specific, selected amenities were allowed to open back up again. From the 1st of July, swimming pools began to open again!

Outdoor swimming pools, indoor swimming pools and open water swimming is now back open for business and are welcoming people back through their doors and into the pool.

We have been researching the effects of corona virus and swimming pools and the statistics behind it. We have answered your questions like ‘Is it safe?’ and ‘What can we do to reduce the spread?’.

What do the facts tell us?

The Pool Water Treatment and Advisory group was speaking to Public Health England and said that the levels of chlorine in swimming pools is enough to kill off the virus and make it inactive. This means that while swimming, you cannot catch it! Swimming is perfectly safe to do and you can be carefree about the virus.

You do not need to wear a face covering while you are swimming! When the mask or covering gets wet, it makes it difficult to breathe and promotes microorganisms to grow.

Advantages of opening swimming pools

Throughout the lockdown, many people faced mental health issues. Exercising can be one of the ways which people get over these problems. It can be a coping mechanism for some of them. Swimming can be able to take their minds off of everything. When they are there, it will be just them, the water and the lifeguard.

Many swimming pools were at risk of going bust or bankrupt. They simply couldn’t afford to keep the pool clean etc. without any customers. By reopening them, it has saved the industry and has helped businesses get some revenue coming in to cover the expenses.

A lot of people, over lockdown, have put on weight. Swimming pools, gyms and leisure centres reopening means that they are able to burn the weight off. It might motivate them to get some workouts in.

Advice and tips for going swimming

Swim England have issued some guidelines regarding rules when you return back to the swimming pools.

These guidelines include:

  • Do not go to the pool if you have corona virus symptoms.
  • Do not go the the pool if you have had a positive corona virus test in the past 14 days.
  • Do not go to the pool if you or anyone in your household is meant to be self isolating.
  • You should shower before and after getting into the pool.
  • Clearly label your floats etc. so people know they are yours.
  • Follow the facility’s rules on social distancing and conduct while you are there.
  • Check the timetables of the pool before you leave the house.

Hopefully we have given you enough information about the reopening of swimming pools. Personally, I think that it is a great thing that the pools are back open.

We would love to hear what you think of this. Leave your opinions down in the comments!

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