Liverpool are Premier League champions and have a squad packed full of world-class talent – but who are their most valuable players according to Football Index?

Football Index is a real-money betting platform where you can buy and sell footballers and bet on their future success. You can win money in a variety of ways.

Capital appreciation: This involves the players that you own on Football Index going up in price

Media Dividends: These reward players you own that are in the news the most

Match Day Dividends: These reward players you own that turn in the best on-field performances.

You can also win ‘In-Play Dividends’ which reward you in the first 30 days of owning a player if they perform well on the pitch.

More detailed information on dividends can be found here.

All the above affects how many traders want to buy a particular player and so how that player is valued on Football Index.

And here’s how Liverpool’s players rank according to their current share prices on the platform, ranging from £5.42 to just £0.47.

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