This gem is from May 16, 2016.

It was the night that I met Nick Rose.

Nick Rose was one of the finest British distance runners in his era. Nick went to Western Kentucky in the 1970s and won two NCAA titles, while taking second in another NCAA title.

1974-rose_nick.jpgNick Rose takes 1974 NCAA, photo courtesy Track & Field News

Nick Rose lead the 1973 NCAA XC Champs until just past 4 miles, when the late Steve Prefontaine took the lead and went on to his 3rd NCAA XC title. Nick Rose won the NCAA XC title in 1974. He also competed in World XC in 1979, where he took 21rst. In 1980, Nick Rose took 3rd and lead the British team to gold in the World Cross.

An anecdote that appeared about 1977 in Runners World noted the Nick Rose had claimed that he could be woken up anytime and could run a 4:10 mile. But, I have digressed.

Nick Rose was an Olympian in 1980, in the 5,000m. In the 1983 World Champs, Nick took seventh in the 10,000m, and in the 1984 Olympics, Rose took 12th in the 10,000m.

Nick Rose ran at Western Kentucky, and his long hair and gutty racing made him a respected distance runner in his era. I recall watching Mo Farah breaking Nick Rose’s 29 year old British record at 5000m indoors (13:20.6) with Farah’s 13:10.6. In the NAI Stadium, when the record was broken, it was cool to hear Nick Rose’s name in front of 8,000 British athletic fans.

I was lucky enough to meet Nick Rose, who was a big hero of mine, in May 2016 at the 2016 Night of 10,000 PBs, held in London, England and sponsored by the Highgate Harriers. David Bedford and Nick were having a beer in the beer tent, and David introduced Nick and me. Still with his long hair, Nick lived up to his legendary status, like his mate, Mr. Bedford.

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