The Scot says facing Federer on grass and Djokovic on hard is tough, but not as tough as facing Nadal on clay. By Chris Oddo | @TheFanChild | Saturday November 14, 2020

It’s been over a month since Rafael Nadal claimed his 13th Roland Garros title, but Andy Murray is still raving about the Spaniard’s accomplishment.

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The Scot joined Gael Monfils for a live stream on Twitch on Friday and talked about Nadal’s greatness on clay.

“We’ve obviously played at that level, at the top of the game for many years,” Murray said to Monfils. “The French Open is an incredibly difficult tournament to win, physically it’s tough, mentally it’s very demanding, and I just don’t [anybody winning 13 titles there] again.

“To win it 13 times – and he may win more. I just don’t see that being broken, certainly not in my lifetime,” Murray said. “Maybe someone will come along in 100 years time or whatever. I just don’t believe it. It’s incredible what he’s done there, and also how easily he’s done it as well. It’s just been very easy – that’s also what’s been very impressive.”

Murray compared Nadal on clay to Federer on grass and Djokovic on hard courts and said that he has no doubt that facing Nadal on clay is the biggest challenge of all.

“Playing Roger at Wimbledon on grass would have been considered the biggest test on grass,” Murray said. “Novak on a hard court and Rafa on clay. But I would say that Rafa on clay, at the French Open especially, is probably the biggest challenge in our sport.”
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