Straight after Daniil Medvedev left the trophy ceremony in celebration of his Nitto ATP Finals victory, his first stop was joining Gael Monfils and Andy Murray’s Twitch stream. It’s safe to say the Russian was thrilled after capturing the biggest title of his career.

“It’s just unbelievable, because it’s 10 matches I’ve won in a row and two of the biggest tournaments at the end of the year. I remember my first match against [Kevin] Anderson in Paris where he retired at 5/2 in the tie-break. I couldn’t put one return in the court. I was sometimes on the ball, but it was going 10 metres out and in my mind I was like, ‘I’m playing so bad right now. I’m playing so bad,’” Medvedev said. “Then just by fighting, by keeping in the matches I started to raise my level and just played unbelievable.

“Today was probably the best victory of my life, not in terms even of the title, in terms of the match. To beat Dominic when he is playing like this, he is really tough. I think he actually likes the way I play, so it was really tough mentally. I’m just the happiest man in the world at this moment.”

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Murray was quite amused that Medvedev did not show emotions after championship point, also adding that he noticed the 24-year-old’s coach, Gilles Cervara, didn’t get overly excited either.

“My coach can have emotions, but I think they maybe turned the camera when it was the wrong moment,” Medvedev said. “But also when I don’t have emotions, it’s tough for him. He’s alone there, and he will not be screaming alone.”

Medvedev said that the lack of celebration doesn’t mean he’s not pumped.

“It started last year at the US Open more or less when I had some problems with the crowd. I think every player at one moment in his career decides maybe one thing special he wants to do [with his] tennis, something like this,” Medvedev said. “I know how to keep my emotions, not all the time, [as] especially the bad ones are tough to control. But I know how to control them and [that] lets me [do] this thing.

“They showed the 12 winners of the London [Nitto ATP] Finals. Everybody was lying on the ground, crying, screaming. And me they couldn’t even show the celebration. They just showed how we shook hands… if they would just show me walking, it would be stupid. In a way, it’s special. I know it’s not in any way cocky, I don’t try to be cocky or anything. But [it’s] just my style that I will keep for all my career.”

The first-time season finale champion was quick to point out that off the court, he has celebrated plenty. He turned his attention to Monfils.

“One of my best victories in my life is also when I beat you 3-0 in FIFA!” Medvedev said, as the Frenchman began laughing hysterically. “[That was] something special. I was celebrating, I was not even calm there. I was celebrating, Andy! I was celebrating this.”

“He’s always telling me he’s the best on the Tour on PlayStation and he’s unbelievable,” Murray said. “But I know about 10 people who have killed him!”

“Daniil I will get you back, no worries brother,” Monfils said as he continued to laugh.

Source: Tennis – ATP World Tour