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Can we reverse systemic failures in sports governance?

A few days ago, we celebrated 73 years of Independence and HE the President quite rightly pointed out that public officials must take full responsibility for matters that fall within their purview. Or they must go he did not say, because the occasion obviously called for a measure of solemnity! In a country where everything is politicized from birth to burials, there is a crying need to rise above the layers of bureaucratic quagmire and rely on the sharpened sword of merit. Deliver or depart and while perseverance must be encouraged, we are often compelled to say, enough is enough.

Sri Lanka Cricket brought the worms out of the woodwork when our batters exposed the rot that has set in Sri Lanka cricket, with a woeful walk to the middle in Galle and a quick return to the comfort of the picturesque pavilion! Perhaps, we are being very harsh in our collective criticism when most of us are no better. We seek safety in numbers and do not fall under the glare that our sporting warriors are put under time and again. Little wonder that it is reported that the Lion in our flag requires some tinkering!
Source: Cricket – Island Cricket

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