SP010561-753869.JPGTom Bosworth, photo by British Athletics

British race walker Tom Bosworth had a tough time with COVID-19…

SP010716-753873.JPGTom Bosworth, photo by British Athletics

BIRMINGHAM (GBR): British race walker Tom Bosworth, who contracted coronavirus earlier this year, had advised athletes to rest fully if they catch it. He told AW: “I would just say rest. It’s the worst thing for an athlete, they don’t want to hear that, but it will be the best thing you can do. Just rest. Keep active but just give your body a chance. I was so desperate – I had come from a place where I had set back-to-back British records and world leads and that sort of thing, to being completely unfit – so I was desperate to get back there as quickly as possible and all I did was hinder the rest of the summer.” Bosworth came down with coronavirus in March but only resumed light training in July and didn’t compete at the British Championships in September.

Source: Athletics – Run Blog Run