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Welcome to The Sports Zone, your number one source for sports news. We are a brand new website which has a passion for writing the best articles on the latest sports news.

The Sports Zone is a news website which is dedicated to providing avid sports fans with exciting, intriguing news regarding their favourite sports. We have a team of experts who are as passionate as we are which work tirelessly behind the scenes to supply fellow sports enthusiasts with high-quality articles.

Founded in 2020, The Sports Zone has came a long way in revolutionising the way which news is delivered to you. Social media is one of the ways we are excelling in our venture. An app is in development and we are always searching for new ways that we can improve the conveyance of your daily sports news.

Our Specialties

Currently, we have a team of reporters in the following sports:

By clicking on the links above, you will be able to find the designated sections for each of the corresponding sports.

We are always looking to expand and grow our team of hard working reporters and to venture into different sports.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make sports news accessible in an easy fashion. We believe that it should be easy to access all of the sports news you could ever ask for all in one place. This is why we built this website. We can all relate to all of the time we used to spend trying to find an ideal news website with everything in one place.

Our Aims

As a team, we have extremely high aims. One of the main aims is to have a larger team and grow the website exponentially. Another aim is to have a personalised experience on the website; for example, have news regarding your team and favourite sports all in one place. This is one probably for the future.

We aim to be competing with the top sports news websites in a few years too!


Recently, we have had quite a few people email us some testimonials about the website and service. Here are a few to show you how valued our services are!

The Sports Zone is one of the easiest ways to access sports news. I’d be lost without it these days!

Mark Brown

The website has such a slick design and the posts are top notch too.

Steven Little

I could probably go into sales for you! The quality is so good, I’ll never be out of touch with sports news again.

Sarah Scott

Contacting us

If you ever need to contact us, you can do so by emailing

I hope you enjoy our news as much as we enjoy writing and providing you with it. If you do have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us on social media or by email.